Adam Roberge - Physical and Mental Coach

Practice (Experience)

Athlete since I’m young, I am one of the few professional cyclists in Canada. I won four
Canadian championships, several UCI podiums and two Quebec championships. I also
competed in the most important races in the world, including the World Championships,
the Grand Prix Cyclist de Quebec and Montreal and the Tour de l’Avenir.
Since the beginning of my professional career, I have made sure, after each competition,
to put on paper all the lessons learned during the preparation and performance. These
learnings are summarized in writings, so the lessons learned are retained and can be taught.


Learning (Theoretical)

A considerable amount of my time is dedicated to gathering knowledge. I spend on average
4 to 5 hours per day studying performance.
For example, I selected the best ideas of more than 350 books (a document of about 100,000
words so far). I'm currently working on bringing these ideas together in a second document
(43,000 words so far), where they are classified under a specific concept.
The main topics of optimization are: physical training, mental training, nutrition and


My engagement

Combining my theoretical and practical knowledge to be an essential element towards
achieving your goals.

Email : / Cellphone : (514) 825-8795



Private Physical Coach - $ 250 / month

  • Complete analysis of the athlete's physiology and experience.
  • Establishment and understanding of athlete's short and long term goals.
  • A Specific training plan to the athlete, continuously adjusted.
  • Regular analysis of the athlete's training data.
  • Unlimited communication to ensure the optimization of the training.
  • Tips and guidance on the main topics of optimization (cited above).

Private Mental Coach - $ 80 / 1h.

  • Complete analysis of the athlete's experience, knowledge and needs.
  • Establishment of athlete's short and long term goals.
  • Precise work in mental training with a focus on the concepts that are crucial for the
  • Establishment of a mental training plan for learning and improvement.
    Recommendations of specific readings on the concept(s) to improve. (review of the
    athlete's acquired learning in the next meet)


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